Weekly Blog – 31/10/2017

Last week at Intrada we focussed on our latest website project. We are delighted to say it is now LIVE!

After working with Everitt & Jones for almost 10 years… we were delighted when they asked us to design & develop their new website! Featuring new photography, taken by Deborah Price from Intrada Innovations. Visit: www.everittandjones.co.uk to see the new look website.

Here is a selection of the photos that Deborah took as part of the new website project:

Apart from launching the new website for Everitt & Jones, we also created some videos for our maintenance client’s social media. As it’s Halloween, we took some photos of the latest window display by M&M Properties (Flitwick)… which we then turned into a “Happy Halloween” video and “Facebook Cover Video”.

That’s all from last week at Intrada Innovations.

Intrada Innovations

Weekly Blog – 23/10/2017

It’s been a busy few weeks at Intrada Innovations… here’s some of the highlights from the previous two weeks:

Firstly, Intrada are delighted to have joined the Ampthill Business Chamber (ABC)! Very much looking forward to being a member of the ABC and more updates to follow!

Lots of networking too, including the regular meetings at WIBN. Intrada Innovations has been working with Anna created the new Facebook cover for the “WIBN: Milton Keynes, Bedford, Flitwick” group with updated images.

At the WIBN Flitwick October meeting, Deborah enjoyed a 1:1 meeting with Anna. Anna kindly bought Deborah a drink, which turned out to be quite elaborate! Seedlip is a non-alcoholic distilled spirit which Deborah has been looking forward to trying. When we found it at The George Inn, Maulden, it had to be done: what do you think? Find out more at https://www.seedlipdrinks.com/  – this is the Garden 105

Deborah also had a great meeting with Heide from Swift Mortgages, lots of interesting and exciting ideas have come from that meeting!! Watch this space.

The second part of the Website Boot camp for Transition Coaching took part and we’re delighted it went really well. Working with Larissa at Transition Coaching has been fantastic and please take a look at the website and see what you think about all the changes. If you are local and looking for fitness classes or personal training, we’d definitely recommend getting in touch: transitioncoachingbedford.co.uk

As part of our work, we love working on the Parkside Community Hall website: www.parksidehall.org.uk. On Friday, we enjoyed a night at “The ANT HILL comedy club”. It was a great evening and looks like the next night has almost sold out already!!

As regular readers will know, we like to promote any local businesses that we have been to over the week. This week is no exception! We had a great lunch out on Monday at The Birch, Woburn. It was a really nice treat and the food was amazing. 100% recommended for a visit & we’ll be back:

That’s all for this week, have a great week and weekend!


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Weekly Blog – 01/10/2017

Hi everyone, hope you have had a great two weeks. We’ve been busy over the previous two weeks so have combined two blogs into one!

The blog this week starts in Southampton and a visit to Solent Mind to meet Kevin Gardner, CEO of Solent Mind. We are very proud to work with Solent Mind and maintain the website: solentmind.org.uk

Of course, when in Dorset, photography is essential! Here’s a photograph Deborah took on her phone whilst eating Fish & Chips by the sea:

Once we returned from Dorset, Deborah enjoyed providing a 2 hour Website Boot Camp for Larissa at Transition Coaching: transitioncoachingbedford.co.uk
It was a fantastic session and lots of updates got completed… lovely to spend the time with you Larissa and look forward to our next “Mini Boot Camp”.  

Our Website Boot Camp is tailored to your specific requirements, answering any questions you have, helping you to confidently update your website and much more… If you need assistance with any aspect of your website, please do contact us to find out how we can help.

We have been very busy working on a new website that is very close to the final phases and will be going live soon. Also, Deborah met with a very lovely lady to discuss a new Website & Photography project… we really hope to secure this project as it sounds very exciting and creative.

As regular readers will know, we love to highlight local businesses that we have visited and loved in the previous week(s)… This week it all revolves around food!

Firstly, if you are vegetarian or vegan, there is a fantastic pub called The Chester Arms in Chicheley. Deborah was very lucky to be invited to the pub for a really lovely lunch. The food is amazing and with a full menu for Vegetarian/Vegan as well as many options for other dietary requirements, this is a great place for all tastes/needs. The Vegan Chocolate Cake was particularly good… so much so that I forgot to take any photos!

One evening Deborah enjoyed Pizza in Cafe Brio in Olney, a quaint place hidden off the main square. The food was excellent and the restaurant is very spacious… we had a great mid-week night out.

That’s all for this week, hope you have a great Sunday evening and a fantastic week!


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bakeit freefrom – Dark Chocolate Ganache Cupcakes

After tasting the range of cakes available from the bakeit freefrom kitchen, I was excited to get baking! I should point out, I have never been known as a baker and my cakes often end up with the dreaded “Soggy Bottom” or are “As hard as a brick” so this could be fun!

Maggie from bakeit freefrom assured me, I could simply follow the instructions in the kit and I’d be fine… so, here it is, the results of me baking the Dark Chocolate Ganache Cupcakes using the bakeit freefrom cake kit. bakeitfreefrom.com

I followed the instructions to the letter, taking photos along the way. Photos really do say 1000 words:

The Ganache was so simple to make, I chopped the chocolate up and mixed all the ingredients together in a saucepan… heated gently and stirred! As you can see, the Ganache looks so tempting to eat straight from the bowl!

Next, on to the batter:

Whisk together and bake…. they turned out great:

They taste amazing: moist, fluffy, chocolatey goodness! If I tasted these cakes without knowing they are freefrom Dairy, Gluten, Wheat, Egg, Peanut, Soya, Tree nut, Sulphite, I’d never guess. 

The cake kit was so easy to make, taste simply delicious and make perfect gifts 🙂 visit www.bakeitfreefrom.com for more details or buy online.

Intrada Innovations in-house baker!